Monday, January 23, 2012

bunaken panorama resort

bunaken panorama resort sleepping and eating and diving relaxion.
divi with mr swen from holand as dive istructour.

bunaken charter boat

bunaken charter boat [sewa boat]

bunaken diving tour

bunaken diving tour

bunaken sightseing tour

bunaken sightseing tour
tour bunaken with katamaran boat [glas botom boat]

bunaken snorkling tour

bunaken snorkling tour price perperson in indonesia rupiah +rp700 000 perperson minimal 3pax
explore bunaken coral reef in sn snorkinling tourr with sulawesi guide jotje lala tours
for full day daily tour
departure from theport for bunaken manado city to bunaken island 008.00 in the morning to marvelios coral reef to nice spots.
first snorkling in pangalisan
second manadotua island
lunch time
third snorkling in lekuan 1 2 3 an tawara
departure to manado
contack sulawesi guide jotje lala tours
mobile phone:+62 813 40 310 671

bunaken diving school

bunaken diving school.